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Canact is an education and training social enterprise that aims to inspire youth, develop their character and mentor them to take meaningful action and be socially responsible citizens.
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About Us

who we are

Pronunciation  : \kan-‘nekt\
Function            : verb
Meaning            : to bring together for the purpose of action
Founded in 2009, Canact is an education and training social enterprise which aims to inspire individuals, develop their character and equip them to bring about meaningful change for self, society and the environment.

We believe that anyone can act to create
positive change in society.

our story

The 2004 tsunami saga in Aceh, Indonesia, left a deep impact on us. As aid volunteers to  tsunami survivors, who lost everything, we realised that there was a desperate need for clean drinking water, which is easily and directly obtainable from surface water. We gathered, brainstormed and came up with a prototype for simple-to-use non-electric based water filtration units.

In 7 years, these units were developed and installed in 185 locations, benefiting over 200,000 people.

It was truly an enriching and insightful experience for us. Not only did it teach us about their daily struggles, but also made us realise that society is mainly made up of two distinct groups of people: the eager selfless individuals and the skilled professionals. This project proved that a fusion of both social-mindedness and skilled competence is fundamental to effectively help and propel societies. The world definitely needs more capable people with a heart.

It was from this that Canact was born. A company that  inspires individuals and empowers them with valuable skills to effect meaningful change in the world. In other words, turning caring into action.

Over the years, Canact has conducted various training and workshops to equip youth with relevant capabilities, such as creative problem solving, interpersonal skills and organic traits such as confidence, self-motivation and resilience to be socially responsible citizens. Advocacy projects train them to be effective ambassadors for specific causes, including water conservation, environmental sustainability and human rights. Overseas community service expeditions also create a lasting impact on these young lives as they learn and experience real life challenges in developing societies and apply the skills they have acquired to benefit others.

our team

Constantly challenging ourselves and pushing boundaries, we are set to always be ready for the future. Being dynamic, adaptable and hungry (for new things) keeps us going. Staying true to our social cause, we are people-oriented, placing high emphasis to addressing the constantly evolving needs of our clients and the society. At the same time, we are a bonded, funny and quirky bunch of bubble tea addicts!

Canact’s cheerful and friendly culture keeps me going. Besides counting money, traveling to new places and reading romantic and inspirational books relaxes me.


Canact helps to reinforce my sense of purpose in life. I enjoy cycling since childhood. It makes me feels like I’m flying! And I’m Burmese, hence my unique name – Susu (milk).


I’ve always wanted to positively influence people around me. To me, it’s always wonderful and priceless to see smiles drawn on the students’ faces. And I love veggies!


inspire and empower to create meaningful change

Work with us to reach out and inspire individuals, equip them with skills and knowledge, and empower them to create meaningful change locally and globally

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