Canact | Time to Save Assembly Programme
Canact is an education and training social enterprise that aims to inspire youth, develop their character and mentor them to take meaningful action and be socially responsible citizens.
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Time to Save Assembly Programme

About This Project

In line with the new social studies curriculum, this programme is targeted to all primary students in Singapore, particularly the Primary 3. The show features Singapore’s water icon, Water Wally, with two other characters to perform a 30-min skit encouraging students to take shorter showers and also the funky 5-min shower song and dance that was put together by us! After the assembly show, students were given a timer and an activity booklet to complete over a week to keep track of their shower timing, and most of them did keep it within 5 minutes! The students were also encouraged to invite their parents/guardians and neighbours to join them for this activity and learn ways to conserve water. TTS was launched in February 2013 and is still run by Canact until today.