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Canact is an education and training social enterprise that aims to inspire youth, develop their character and mentor them to take meaningful action and be socially responsible citizens.
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National Advocacy Projects


National Advocacy Projects

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National advocacy projects form a large part of Canact’s portfolio in the recent years. Collaborating with statutory boards and self-help organisations such as PUB, NEA, MUIS and MENDAKI, we have been working with students as well as adults, raising awareness and changing mindset on societal issues, and water and environment conservation. We take a step ahead in building students’ competencies, creating young advocates for water and the environment.

our projects

PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency

Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Learning Trails

The ABC Waters Learning Trail is a meaningful place-based learning at 10 of our waterways and reservoirs. Having run successfully since 2011 for students, it is now extended to grassroots, public agencies, corporate – practically everyone to enjoy and learn! It consists of a guided-tour around the ABC Waters site, water quality testing, community-clean up and the “7 Water Saving Habits” workout.

NEWater Scientist Programme

Equipped with iPods, students act as young scientists on an important mission to discover the NEWater making process and learn about the history of Singapore’s water story. Conducted at the NEWater Visitor Centre, the programme is designed in line with primary school science topics related to water.

“Time to Save” Water Conservation Awareness Programme

An assembly programme for primary school students on water saving tips, empowering them to be advocates of water conservation. The show featured our very own ‘5 minutes Shower Dance’ composed and choreographed by us. Students are given booklets to record their shower times and that of their family.

National Environment Agency (NEA)

Clean Singapore Learning Trail

The trail allows students to appreciate and learn what it takes for Singapore to evolve from an unsightly fishing village to the Clean and Green city we enjoy today, as well as the consequences of littering. Aligned with the MOE’s Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum, students also get a chance to study the Veolia’s road sweeper and path cleaner up close and experience litter-picking around the neighbourhood.

Buddy Clean Workshop

When inculcating cleaning habits, it’s best to start early. The Buddy Clean Workshop aims to instill a sense of responsibility in students with regards to the environment and cleanliness. Most importantly, it educates and inspires students to be considerate towards others. During the workshop, not only will the students learn about the consequences of littering, they will also get their hands dirty cleaning their school – wiping, sweeping and mopping!

Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS)

Youth aLIVE Discourses

Canact has organised 3 discourses for over 1500 Muslim youth revolving around improving productivity, seeking solace and developing character. The talks are conducted by  international motivational speakers from the US including Yasmin Mogahed, Abu Productive and Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan.

Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Next-Managing Change and Transition Workshop

This workshop is tailored accordingly for 3 audiences who are undergoing changes – Secondary 1 students and  freshmen from Polytechnic and ITE. Youth are empowered with skills and competencies to manage change and transitions in their lives.

Youth-In-Action (YIA)

Over 100 at-risk students are impacted in this year long programme focused on social emotional learning (SEL) such as understanding learning styles and emotions (self-discovery) and exploring perspectives. Activities they engage in include futsal, floorball and captain’s ball.

Engagement Programme for Boys (EPB)

A year long programme  for over 100 Secondary 1 boys, empowering them with various competencies to manage and excel in their transition to secondary school life. Youth participate in outdoor camps and weekly study boosters alongside hands-on activities such as drumming, soccer and bowling.

Young Mendaki Club (YMC)

A team bonding and project management course specially organised for Young Minds Club members, who are the top 10% Malay/Muslim youth from each cohort. Their skills are tested as they embark on a capstone project to plan a mass initiation programme for YMC freshies.


The MENDAKI LEAP programme is a year long mentorship programme for Malay/Muslim youth from 6 schools centering on character development, with various themes ranging from arts, health, sports, study skills and the community.

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